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Please Never Give Up Hope – We Believe You

Lower back injury? Joint pain management? Lumbar pain? Look no further. At MSK Pain we have a dedicated multidisciplinary team, led by Dr. Neels Du Toit. We understand that chronic pain treatment can be overwhelming, impacting various aspects of your life, including relationships, emotional well-being, and even sleep. But don’t lose hope – we believe […]

No Pain No Gain: The Truth About Exercise and Pain

Is the popular saying “no pain, no gain” really true? Many wonder if experiencing pain during exercise is necessary to reap its benefits. This may include chronic pain, lumbar pain or musculoskeletal pain to name a few. The truth is, the level of discomfort during exercise varies depending on several factors. Exercise often involves pushing […]

Maximise Your Functionality with Effective Activity Pacing

Living with Pain? Learn How to Manage Daily Activities to Minimise Discomfort Dealing with chronic pain can be tough. However, some of our day to day activities may be exacerbating the problem. Meet Jim, who’s been nursing a small tendon tear in his shoulder for four months. He’s concerned that any activity causing pain could […]

Pain: Friend or Foe? The Difference Between Good and Bad Pain

Welcome to the first blog of MSK Pain. In this post, we’ll be discussing the difference between good and bad pain and how it relates to chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Patients often wonder if the pain they’re experiencing is a sign of worsening pathology. The truth is, there’s good pain and bad pain. Good pain acts […]

Background and Purpose. One-time physical therapist consultation

Pharmacological (medication): Medication can play an important role in the management of chronic pain. If you are currently taking opioid containing medications, do not feel guilty. At some point in the past a medical professional thought that this type of medication might be the best way to manage your pain. Long-term opioid use however has […]